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Planting Base
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Base development

Grasp the raw material base construction. To establish the quality and safety of raw material base is the need of agricultural industrialization, is also the urgent requirement of our,. Due to exceed the standard of heavy metal exceed the standard of pesticide residues in raw materials, and the content of effective components of instability and other factors have become the major problems affecting the quality of products. Therefore, to establish high standards of raw material planting base be imperative!

In recent years, our company will be large-scale development of Stevia rebaudiana planting demonstration base, on these bases we implement the introduction of high-quality Stevia seedling, provide technical guidance, signed the protection price of recycled raw materials, and to give appropriate financial assistance. To have the condition to become the raw material base for the company partners, we will take the contract order form and farmers signed contracts, there are plans to grow. In this way, not only can ensure that the sources of raw materials, can also reduce the risk of farmers, increase the income of farmers.

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